Flash Project

Flash_gameIn this project, students design and make their own Web Game using Adobe Flash.  The game has a simple Choose-Your-Own-Adventure / Goosebumps format in which the player has to make correct choices in order to win.  The main academic content focus of this project is historical: the students have to design their game in such a way as to represent 10 critical events in an early 20th-century war.  Most groups (of 3 students) implement the story with a main character who travels back in time and who must make choices in such a way so as to let history happen correctly.  Each of the students’ selected 10 critical historical events must be implemented into their Flash game as a choice that the player has to make.

The project is also cross-curricular, including content from Chemistry, Math, and English, as well.  For Chemistry and Math, the students must add additional problems for the game player to solve along the way.  For example, the player might have to balance a chemical reaction to create an explosion that destroys a bridge, or the player might have to calculate which character will reach their destination first.  For English, the students must develop an appropriate story and plot, and include SAT vocabulary words (with definitions) in the text of the game.  Also, they produce a “game guide”, a guide to their story and walkthrough of what they player must accomplish in the game.