Sesame Street Project

vlcsnap-2010-10-28-07h42m45s214In this project, current 10th-grade students will create an episode of Sesame Street designed to inform the next cohort of incoming 10th-graders what the first semester of their Sophomore year in high school is all about (academically).  This is designed as a semester-long project.  Throught the semester, each group of students will produce various 3-minute video segments, each of which is done in the style of Sesame Street and is focused on explaining a particular academic content topic from one of their classes: Chemistry, English, Math, and History.  For example, one video might explain what communism is, and another might explain what isotopes are.  These short video segments can be done in a variety of formats, including: photostory, live action, puppet, song, and parody.

Towards the end of the semester, when the groups have amassed several videos for each class, they will then combine some of them into one overall Sesame Street episode.  In doing so, the students must decide on a literal single-word theme, the “Word on the Street”, that connects the videos that they have done for their various classes.  This one word is meant to represent the theme of the first semester of 10th grade, and requires the students exhibit metacognition of the relationships between all of the disparate topics that they learn.

The final videos are actually shown to current 9th-grade students as a preview of what they will be learning the following year.